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S&R Gladden is committed to excellence, and the CASH Connection Program, is just one example of our market leadership. We are flexible, informative and we maintain an open door policy with all of our affiliates. Plus, we continually evaluate the CASH Connection Program and target new areas of opportunity to expand and strengthen our presence in the marketplace. As the market grows, so will we!

  • Increased Name Recognition
    • As the CASH IN A FLASH REFUND® logo continues to brand the market, tax preparation services just like you will benefit from increased name recognition and better service options for your customers.
  • The Fastest Turnaround
    • The Internal Revenue Service states that 72 hours is an average turnaround time for Refund Anticipation Loans (RALs). Last season, we provided our customers with an unbeatable 14-hour average turnaround time.
  • No Geographical Area Limits
    • Be the first in your service area to join and establish your status as the headquarters for the CASH IN A FLASH REFUND® service.
  • Customized Affiliate Website
    • Help attract customers for your tax firm with a customized website and domain name. This service is available at attractive rates for our affiliates
  • Highly compatible for all tax service providers
  • Remain independently owned and operated
  • Affordable Cost
  • Premium access to all S&R Gladden's services
  • Direct access to all RAL banks serving your area
  • Training, Updates, and Industry News Provided
  • Computer Hardware and Tax Software Tech Support
  • Top-Quality Professional Tax Software With a User-Friendly Interface

The CASH Connection Program is just one way to get connected with the CASH IN A FLASH REFUND® founder, S&R Gladden. As a premium service bureau, we offer a variety of products and services sold as value-added packages or sold separately. Take a look at some of the products and services that we offer:

Professional Tax Software & Technical Support

In today's highly competitive tax preparation market, you need a complete software program that provides outstanding performance with top-quality capabilities and a friendly user interface. This is precisely what you get with the professional tax software that we distribute. Our software is easy to learn, and the screens actually resemble IRS forms. Plus, you have the ability to view multiple forms on one screen, which is great for "what if" scenarios. The system will automatically calculate and recalculate figures and will automatically bill by form or by time. These are only a few features that you can benefit from with our software.

Variety of Ways to File Returns

S&R Gladden offers a variety of ways to file returns, ensuring that all tax preparation services can take advantage of this service. We offer three ways to conduct electronic filing services: by fax, online or by mail. However, if electronic filing is not for you, S&R Gladden offers a 24-hour fax service for filing returns. Simply fax your returns, and we take care of all the rest!

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